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Thai NTC (NBTC) Certification

An independent state telecommunications regulator in Thailand. Its duties and responsibilities are to regulate all.

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Thai TIS Mark

technical requirement that the Thai Industrial Standards Institute (TISI) has established as a manufacturing guideline.

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Thai FDA

Our service filed for a permit to conduct business. To request by the Thai FDA is requiring.

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Thai EGAT Certification

The concept of “Energy Efficient Appliance” focuses on promoting the use of high efficient appliances.

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MALAYSIA SIRIM Certification

Certificate of Conformity is granted to a product that meets a minimum set of regulatory, technical and safety.

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Indonesia SDPPI and SNI approval

Besides the functions of regulatory, policy, and guidance, one of the tasks of SDPPI is a public service function.

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Thai DLT Certification

Type Approval for vehicle, system and component in regarding to DLT notification continues to grow locally.

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With a dedicated team of consultants, we offers coordinating and consulting services as our client’s partner to accelerate process to achieve their certificates.

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We offer a full range of easy to control the budget with highly efficient. We will be part of the success and growth of your business with definitely secure.

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If you would like market access to go smoothly and you need a good advisor on your side.

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We have base in Asia so you can work with us close to you locally to help you obtain the required certifications and approval.


This streamlined and accelerated process means you save time and money, while receiving faster access to your target markets.


With our expert experience, using our resources and services to reach your destination target smoothly.

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Wherever you are based and wherever you would like to market your products, We provide an efficient service and unique solutions.


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