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Thai DLT Automotive Certification T-Mark, Type Approval and Homologation.

In Thailand, new motor vehicles must be approved by Local The Department of Land Transport (DLT) Offices for initial inspection and registration before they can be used. There are the number of national Type Approval for vehicle, system and component in regarding to DLT notification continues to grow locally.

T Mark



The Department of Land Transport (DLT) of Thailand has developed standards and regulation including performing appropriate inspection of vehicle to ensure about conformity with safety, environmental conservation, fuel consumption and others. DLT provide Type Approval for vehicle, system and component in regarding to DLT notification which these new standards continues to grow locally.

Why you need us

To access the automative marketing in Thailand, you need to ensure your systems, components and vehicles satisfy the requirements set by local approval authority. This approval is mandatory for exporting your automotive products to market in Thailand.

With our customer focus and technical understanding and extensive industrial experience within the automotive sector in Thailand, we can provide you project management with solutions including support for the vehicle type approval (homologation) process and so that you can efficiently obtain the certification you need and achieve time to market quickly.

Our Services:

  • We offer vehicle homologation consulting services.
  • We provide Project management of type approval procedures.
  • We assist you with the interpretation and application of legal provisions relating to components, systems and vehicles.
  • We research the result in order to Identify the approvals you need.
  • We helps to identify gaps or unclear statement in local regulation and legal standard.
  • We assess Conformity of Production.
  • We verify all complied documents are ready before submitting to approval authority.
  • We support you during the approval process, from the time of filing your application through to receipt of the approval certificates.
  • We coordinate with DTL approval authority and test facilities.

Current and upcoming (Current - 2020) Type Approval requirements for The Thai Department of Land Transport(DLT) Standards for Manufacturers or Importer.

  • UN R41.03   - Noise Emission
  • UN R39.00   - Speedometer
  • UN R14.00   - Seat-Belt Anchorage
  • UN R16.04   - Seat-Belt installation.
  • UN R18.08   - Seat, Seat anchorage and head restraint.
  • UN R81.00   - Rear-view Mirrors
  • UN R28.00   - Audible Warning
  • UN R3.02     - Reflector
  • UN R75.00   - Tyre
  • UN R112.01 - Headlamps (Asymmetrical)
  • UN R113.01 - Headlamps (Symmetrical)
  • UN R50.00   - Lighting
  • UN R53.01   - Lighting Installation
  • UN R41.04   - Noise Emission
  • UN R136      - Electric motocycle safety
  • UN R78.03   - Brake.
  • EURO 4        - Emission

About The Department of Land Transport

The Department of Land Transport(DLT)    is a government  agency under the  Ministry of Transport in the  kingdom of Thailand. The Department is responsible for controlling and regulating domestic and international road transport, administrating motor vehicle registration and taxation including issuing driving licenses in accordance with the laws, governing land transport and motor vehicle with a view to develop road transport to promote economic growth, social welfare, political stability and national security. For more details about DLT, please visit